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To ensure the quality of life it’s necessary to have the most detailed information about client requests. Practicality and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

In order not to run the fashion trends, but setting them we must also subtly capture and reveal the direction of clients needs. In the future only in this way we can build our activity on innovations that meet the needs. The fact that the company’s innovation engine works at full strength, is being evidenced by our innovative developments of recent years.

Tavolini parquet brand — it is not only long-term experience and high quality products, but also the many innovative solutions that make the laying, maintenance and use of our floors easier and more comfortable.

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LehoFloors is an innovative idea of hardwood floor coverings.

It’s a set of solid oak parquet boards and solid herringbone (chevron) planks with the different lengths and colors, which combination allows to create an individual artistic patterns on the floor.



For the dealer’s and customer’s convenience we have composed 119 interesting schemes (patterns), which are demonstrated in LehoFloors catalogs. You can also create your own pattern!

There are 21 available decors&colors, so in each pattern you can combine 2, 3 or even more colors of wood, making an individual, unique floor covering.

119 schemes with a different color combination of planks allow creating about 23 000 designs of hardwood floor.


Wood Carpets

The patterns of these unique artistic parquet floors replicate a real Eastern Carpets of 7 the most recognizable Weaving schools in the World.

Some of those Carpets are the historical heritage of Eastern people, their original copies are kept in museums and elite private collections around the world.

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Wood Carpets are made from different wood species.

Wood Carpets are made from different wood species and can be manufactured under individual sizes with maximum preservation of the proportions and pattern of the Original Carpet.

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Tavolini Floors represents unique artistic hardwood floors



Tavolini Floors represents unique artistic hardwood floors, inlaid with translucent stones and amber with installed backlights and musical accompaniment.

Custom product.

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