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5 Beautiful & Elegant Parquet Flooring Designs

Parquet flooring resembles timeless beauty, and it evokes a warm feeling and adds character to your space. Back in the 1960’s parquet flooring had gained popularity splendidly, and it’s back in the spotlight with a range of options available at Berry Floors. 

If you consider installing the parquet wooden flooring in Dubai for a bold statement in your space, we suggest you check out some beautiful designs. In this blog, we will give you our top 5 classic and chic parquet flooring designs to stir up the traditional feels. Read on to know more about it. 

  1. Chevron 

Chevron parquet flooring features a diagonal cutting effect on the floors, and Chevron will bring a striping effect. Each plank cuts at an angle and will meet the ends of one another. Depending upon your preference, you can install the chevron parquet flooring diagonal or parallel. The best thing about getting chevron style is that it makes the home look more spacious and larger. 

 2. Herringbone

One of the most popular styles in parquet wooden  flooring in Dubai is the Herringbone, and it replicates to Herringbone. However, the contrast is that in the Herringbone style, planks are cut in rectangular shapes. The arrangement of planks appears so that the end of the plank touches the side of one another. This placement alleviates the movement and offers stability. 

3. Bordeaux

 Bordeaux is a french inspired parquet flooring style. The thickness of the planks will differ and form a geometric shape. The pattern is arranged in the complex flooring and framed with a square border to stand out. It enhances the intricacies of the wood grains.

4. Rustic Sawn 

Sawn parquet flooring looks as beautiful as its grain texture for your space. It offers a fancy look by elevating your space and interiors. The finish has a rustic effect of seeing the marks on the floorboard perpendicular to the plank. Parquet flooring in Dubai brings a natural feel to your home with the simplest decor. 

5. Square Basket Patterns 

Another classic style is the square basket patterns, also famously known as the checkered patterns. One can accomplish the contrast look by blending two hues for a fashion statement. By simply altering darker and lighter colours of parquet flooring, it enhances cosy and homely vibes. 

Parquet wood flooring gives a versatile look to your home or business space. In the blog, as mentioned above, we have jotted down the five beautiful and elegant parquet flooring designs for you. 

As much as it sounds charming, installing it can be tricky. We suggest you seek an expert’s guidance who can assist you at every step. Besides, having flooring professionals in Dubai will also give you perspective on ideas, styling, and colour palate. 

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