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6 February
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All You Know About Parquet Flooring

The parquet flooring technique is just a normal technique which is simply the use of geometric shapes to create a flooring pattern that has great angles and sharp edges. The most famous and a well-known style of parquet flooring is the herringbone pattern in which wooden slats are used to make right angles in various designs and this well-known pattern is used by many people at homes as well as in historical sites too. There are many more different designs for the parquet technique which are very well famous throughout the world. Let’s get into the parquet flooring as it allows you the best design and beautiful looks of flooring. The different types of flooring that you will be able to find there are listed down as such:

  1. American walnut
  2. Heritage wenge
  3. Jatoba
  4. Noble oak manoir
  5. Oak country
  6. Oak manoir savanna
  7. Oak natural
  8. Oak pearl grey

These are some of the best ones that must be tried by you all.

Uses of the same that is; Parquet Flooring

The most well-known use of a hardwood parquet design pattern is the well-known united states national basketball team – The Boston Celtics. Their basketball court floor has a solid wood flooring pattern. It distinguishes a little from the original one that is used by other teams. It gives some different arena.

So basically, parquet flooring is supposed to give definition to large rooms in a house, as well as to long hallways, on a smaller scale though. It is more convenient and flexible to create a custom pattern that fits your liking, precisely when the room is quite larger. Trying them in smaller rooms and bathrooms must be avoided, where the effect would go cumbersome and make the room feel even smaller. Such attempts of using wood flooring in small areas must be avoided to reduce the chances of warping and expansion due to the high moisture levels.

Moreover, one of the great uses of a parquet design is to create some focal points in a room. Suppose, let us take an example of an entryway into a house. If the wood slats are firing in an outward direction towards the walls from a central shape or an object, it makes the centre point of the room as the focal point on the floor. As a design feature, it works as a very fascinating feature to the eye and can harmonize the atmosphere of the house.

Various options for your house; as you are not entitled to be constrained by a few only

Guess what? You have a lot more options, you are not constrained to a few only, as the parquet flooring is not just limited to solid wood floor slats only. Engineered flooring can be used for creative fascinating designs and it looks as fascinating and appealing as solid wood floor slats. It actually all depends on what you want and the look you are trying to actually attain.

Each and every thing has its own pros and cons and so do flooring. Solid wood flooring has quite better durability over longer periods of time than others when it comes to comparison. However, it carries a costlier initial investment. Engineered flooring is much easier to get cleaned and can be designed to give you the exact colour and texture you want, but will need replacing in high traffic areas more frequently than solid wood. Anyway, whichever you choose, there will always be experts to assist you regarding this.

Overall, it has a lot never ending possibilities in creating wood flooring. With the use of parquet patterns, you can actually create a kind of pattern that will actually make every room of your house look great. No matter what you choose, the fundamental parquet architectural model will be present in every flooring, be it a herringbone pattern, a custom pattern or a chevron pattern, anything you wish.

So, here you go. Hope it helped you in way to get some guidance. Get your house the best flooring and meanwhile, get it the most effectively beautiful and appealing look precisely the way you want.

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