How to do the Cleaning and Maintenance of wood flooring
How to do the Cleaning and Maintenance of wood flooring
10 June
Four Wooden Adjustments To Increase Home Value

Home renovation tasks are a common consideration while preparing to put your house on the market. You can raise your asking price with a few simple investments. With this in mind, you must take advantage of your home that can boost your return on investment. It’s crucial to think about flooring while making home remodeling decisions because it’s present in every room of your house. Engineered hardwood flooring can raise the value of your property, but how much?

Berry Floor, one of the most renowned wooden flooring companies in Dubai, have something to share with you. Keep reading to know more.

For a Longer Time, Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered hardwood is far more durable than any other type of flooring. With regular care, engineered hardwood floors can last up to 30 years, while carpets need to be changed every six to seven years. If a home has a lot of things that require fixing or replacing, it loses its charm quickly. The most frequently used parts of your home—like the living room or dining room—should be the first places to receive new flooring, even if you can’t afford it. By installing engineered hardwood flooring in your home now, you’ll spare the next owner the bother of having to do the same thing in the future (which can mean a higher asking price for your home).

Engineered Hardwood Floors Are More Palatable Than Their Natural Counterparts.

Individual preferences are well-documented in society. Potential buyers may shy away from a home if the carpet is very pleasing to the eye of the current owner. Even after the “For Sale” sign is taken down from the front yard, many homes have their carpets replaced with new ones. Natural tones are more prevalent in engineered hardwood flooring, making it a more versatile choice for a wide range of design aesthetics. Selling a property is all about making the best impression possible, including the condition of your house!! If you want to appeal to a wide range of people, choose floors that can handle a variety of styles.

Your Home’s Overall Quality Can Be Improved by Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors.

Did you know that carpet traps allergens and odours in its fibres, worsening your home’s air quality? In addition, carpets are more susceptible to stains and wear and tear than other flooring options. Signs of sun damage indents from furniture and challenging colours can only become more evident once your table is removed from the house. It’s not only easier to clean and maintain engineered hardwood flooring, but it may also make your home look more spacious and brighter. Invest in high-quality, long-lasting flooring for your home so that you, your family, and future owners can enjoy it for years to come.

Wooden Deck

It’s not necessary to build barriers around every outdoor living space. A wooden deck addition is a fantastic method to enhance the outdoor living area and increase home value, and it is a good option for customers seeking a lower out-of-pocket expense. This also applies to customers who live in locations with more minor bugs and less rain. Berry Floor offers wood decking in Dubaiwith the best and superior services.

It’s time to make a game plan for your upcoming home renovation project. Visit our showroom to meet with one of our flooring specialists and see the many engineered hardwood options we offer. Once you’ve decided on the perfect design for your home, leave the installation to our team of skilled specialists. Our staff will be there for you every step, from design to installation.

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