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Why Wooden Flooring is The Best Flooring Solution for Your House in Dubai?
15 September
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14 October
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The garden is probably the most beautiful area of the house. If you are a plant person, the garden may be your most peaceful place to be. Creative decking ideas will provide you with the perfect look for your wood decking in Dubai. 

Since wooden flooring in Dubai is getting more and more popular, wood decking for your garden will be a brilliant idea to add to the aesthetic value of your house. It gives your garden an elegant and high-class look. But choosing the right scheme can be puzzling at times. One thing that you should be mindful of is the width of the decking boards. The width of your wooden decking can make a huge difference in your garden design.

Considering the landscape of your garden is very important. There are numerous options that you can choose from for your hardwood flooring in Dubai. You can pick out from different styles like Bohemian, Scandi-style, balcony decking, etc. But what should be done right is the correct selection of the width of the deck boards. By choosing the correct width of the boards you can change the illusion of the size of your garden.

When To Choose Wider Width?

If your garden is of considerable size, then wide decking boards are perfectly fine. If you have a long and narrow garden space, then installing wide boards at the correct angles will be very advantageous. If you think the wide width of the boards is making the place look plain and boring, you can always use a painted outdoor rug to make it interesting and attractive. 

When To Choose Narrow Width?

Decking boards of narrow width are ideal when your garden size is considerably small. If you want to give your garden a bigger semblance, narrow boards are the ideal choice. Especially when your deck is rectangular, decking boards of narrow width can work wonders in virtually increasing the area of the deck. When you are using narrow boards, a Moroccan-style deck will turn out pretty well. This will be exemplary for your garden with wooden flooring in Dubai if you are opting for a tropical look.


Furnishing your garden with wood decking in Dubai is highly sought-after by many homeowners. Garden decking is very easy to install and is cost-effective. It gives your home a sophisticated look, without creating a hole in your pocket. You can use your imaginative skills to adorn your garden most finely.

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