Importance of Hardwood Flooring That You Must Know
Importance of Hardwood Flooring That You Must Know
8 March
Key Tips for Selecting the Best Wood Flooring Company in UAE
Key Tips for Selecting the Best Wood Flooring Company in UAE
5 April
Key Things to Know About Parquet Flooring in Dubai

When it comes to elaborate flooring, parquet flooring in Dubai is the best. Parquet flooring is made from small pieces of hardwood which are fitted together in geometric patterns which adds a dramatic design element to any room. Nowadays, parquet flooring in Dubai has shown signs of a comeback and due to new manufacturing techniques, it offers consumers a wider range of wood species and motifs.

Parquet comes from the word ‘parquetry’ meaning small compartment where artisans created beautiful designs by cutting and fitting small geometric pieces of wood together one at a time and then glueing that to the floor. Because of the time and skill required, parquet floors were initially used in wealthy houses, hotels, and public buildings, where each one is considered to be a work of art.


While artisans can still piece together a custom parquet floor, the vast majority of modern flooring comes in square tiles which have strips of hardwood bonded to a mesh or thin plywood base. Custom parquet is rarely found in residential homes as it takes a lot of work to individually assemble and cut wood pieces to form mosaics, mandalas, and other intricate designs. There are very few companies that actually specialize in parquet flooring in Dubai. This type of flooring is normally a popular choice for homes and many people try to do it themselves. You require an assortment of hardwood, like oak, bamboo, and some exotic wood species.

When installed by a professional, parquet flooring can look really good. Although it is a bit on the costlier side, there is a certain way to do it and experts in this industry have the necessary tools and know-how on the installation of this kind of flooring in Dubai.

Pros and Cons

On the plus side, parquet flooring has a dozen patterns and varieties available as well as the warm appeal of natural wood. The tile installation is quite DIY-friendly and does not require toxic additives or nailing to be installed. But you need to ensure that your parquet tiles are of a high-quality as low-grade tiles will have moisture issues and will not be suitable for areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even kitchens.With care and maintenance, your parquet floor will maintain its lustre for 10 – 15 years or longer. However, in high traffic areas, it can tend to look a bit dull, if so then you can always refinish it with a surface coat. Consult your flooring professional and ask them how to go about installing and refinishing your parquet floor without damaging the wood underneath.

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