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19 April
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26 June
Methods & Tips to Clean Maintain Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is a new trend in interior decoration and has gained tremendous popularity in no time. Nowadays, mostly engineered wood flooring is used, which is a veneer of real wood fixed to multiple layers of other kinds of wood, such as plywood, etc. This provides this wood amazing solidity over time. In current days, parquet flooring is one of the most special and popular types of wooden flooring, adapted by urban households.

Parquet flooring is a geometric assortment of wood pieces used for ornamental effect in flooring. Parquet patterns are often totally geometrical and angular, like squares, triangles, lozenge and sometimes even contain curvatures. The trendiest parquet flooring Dubai city houses have is herringbone.

But if anyone is looking for wood flooring in the household, a solid wood floor is not the one and only option. Just like solid wood flooring, parquet is composed of 100% wood and on the surface, it generally looks distinctly similar. The thickness of parquet flooring Dubai city houses may vary between 1mm to 15mm. It is a misconception and myth to understand that great thickness means great quality or robustness. There are some ornamental parquet floors which enhance the look of the entire space.

Maintaining and cleaning wooden floors is a crucial task. Dirty wood floors aren’t actually tainted but can be detrimental to the wood structures, which is very costly to repair, refurbish or maximum replace. Regular mopping and cleaning are very essential. One should dry mop and vacuum the floor thoroughly. One of the best ways is to prepare a homemade cleaner with vinegar and water in equal portion. This solution dries quickly on the floor. This process of dry mopping should be followed by spraying a laminate floor cleaner mixture, which eventually removes and fades out the stains if any. Cleaning wooden floors is not a challenge, but one needs to follow certain steps to retain the shine and luster throughout. The first task is to sweep up debris regularly. Regular sweeping removes dirt and makes the floor looks clean. Next, one needs to dampen a cloth with vinegar and water mixture and mop thoroughly. Lastly, the wet floor should be mopped dry with a microfiber cloth.

Research says that vinegar is the most effective cleaner for solid wood floors and it also happens to be organic, safe, and reasonable. The cleaner solution needs to be homemade with equal parts of vinegar and water. The best way is to add apple cider vinegar but if that is not available, one can simply use white vinegar. Wood flooring can go from sparkly shine to entirely dirty in a fraction of a second. A water spill, a pair of muddy footwear or even a dirty dog paw that comes into the house can suddenly become a great mess. The best tip is to clean it immediately without any delay with a microfiber cloth. The microfiber dust mop will not scrape the floors and will help to retain the polish, shine, and luster.

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