Is it Worth Having Wooden Flooring in Your Home?
Is it Worth Having Wooden Flooring in Your Home?
4 June
Flooring Options for Your Living Space
Various Kind Of Home Flooring Options For A Living Space
1 July
Popular Budget-friendly Options For Home Flooring

If you are not aware of the flooring options, it might turn out to be an expensive task. Knowing flooring types gives you an upper hand to choose the right fit for your budget. Hardwood flooring in Dubai offers some of the most acceptable options to consumers to choose from that fit their budget. Below we will be mentioning the popular budget-friendly options for home flooring for the best results.

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring is believed to be one of the most popular pocket-friendly flooring solutions. If your flooring is in good shape, there is not much required to spend while installing vinyl flooring. Vinyl is available in various forms and types. Among all, the peel and stick tile is the cheapest and very common. Sheet types of vinyl are also affordable compared to other tile materials. The price of vinyl flooring depends on the size and quality of vinyl less than other tile materials.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tiles, apart from being budget-friendly, are also a reliable and durable flooring solution. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily. One disadvantage of ceramic tiles is that there are bigger spaces between tiles than other tile materials. One good thing about ceramic tiles is that it can last for a lifetime if it is installed correctly. The planning and installation procedure should be done with an expert or professionals’ help for the best results.

Concrete Flooring:

Concrete is believed to be one of the most straightforward and most affordable floorings out of all. The flooring from concrete was fundamental in the initial stages, but now there are tons of designs to choose from trendy and stylish designs. Concrete is one of the cheapest home flooring solutions having several advantages. One such benefit is that these flooring can be polished in several ways, and there is an option to introduce new colours.

Concrete is a very durable material able to last you a lifetime. This is only possible if you follow specific maintenance regularly. Concrete flooring needs to be sealed every two years for the best results. Regular washing will ensure that lustre and appearance remain unchanged for a long time.

Red Oxide Flooring:

Oxide flooring is an effective and durable option, and it is available in several colours like red, green, blue, and black and yellow. Red oxide flooring is trendy in the Asian region as it is durable and very cheap. Oxide flooring has several advantages that are a blessing in Asian areas. This flooring stays cool during summer that is beneficial for homes located in the tropical region. Oxide finished flooring has a glossy appearance that improves with time if proper maintenance is done.

Mentioned above is some of the popular budget-friendly home flooring in Dubai. These flooring mentioned above have several other advantages apart from being budget-friendly.

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