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The bathroom might be the smallest room in the home, and it usually has an appealing impact by mere changes here and there the entire outlook of the bathroom. Besides, it can also significantly transform the space. 

It’s safe to say that the bathroom can have the most stunning effect with the right set of attributes. Essentially flooring plays a vital role in elevating the look. If you have been someone who is planning to bring a change in your flooring, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

This blog will dive deeper into the crucial parts that play a huge role in your bathroom planning. Keep scrolling to know more! 

Making Bathroom Look Bigger 

If you have noticed, most of the time, the bathrooms are small and narrow. There is no getting around here and there. However, there are multiple ways through which you can actually make it look big. 

One of the best ways of making it look huge is to opt for the light-coloured flooring from Dubai that will highlight the dramatic aspect of your floor. It brings a spacious look and feels to the room. We also recommend using similar tones for the walls to create an illusion. 

Barefeet In Bathroom 

Yes, you should consider the moisture content and environment where you reside. It’s equally important to know that the flooring that brings a feeling of comfort is the one that you should be opting for. Having an established relationship with your flooring will help you from causing accidents. 

Selecting The Options For Flooring 

There is an array of options to select for the bathroom flooring at our store. Starting from the laminate, vinyl, ceramic and hardwood flooring in Dubai. We have got it covered. We believe in offering the best to the customer. Hence, making it a versatile and exciting choice yet affordable is our concern. Our experts at the Berry Floor UAE know to assist you in deciding the right flooring as per the interior and architecture of your home. 

Reducing Risk Of Bacteria 

Our bathrooms are exposed to moisture and changing temperatures. It is advisable to use low porosity flooring with a low absorption rate. It will also reduce the risk of bacteria and algae formation. It saves your time, energy, maintenance and MOST IMPORTANTLY DOES NOT EMPTY YOUR BANK. 

Mandatory Check-Ins 

Last but not least, installing flooring can be a tedious task. Re-doing it again is even more irksome. Hence, you MUST check in a few more things before starting the renovation process. 

  • Ensuring the fittings are plugged and sealed. 
  • Plumbing is done the right way. 
  • No leakage.
  • Joints sealed properly.

Remember, your bathroom will look brilliant and aesthetically pleasing when it’s in sync with all the fittings, floorings, and all other necessities. 

The above blog sums up a few important things that you must consider before planning your bathroom floor.

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