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Best Industrial Flooring Solutions for Companies in UAE

The Middle East has very few local companies that provide industrial flooring solutions. Most contractors work on luxury homes or hotels. Hence, a factory or warehouse owner in the Middle East has very few options when hiring flooring contractors. The Berry Floor brand from Al Ameemi has a wide range of flooring solutions for luxury homes, public spaces, or industrial establishments. They are among the few such specialist companies in the Middle East.

Wood and Wood Composite Industrial Flooring Solutions

There are very few companies that make wooden or wood-composite flooring materialsls in UAE or Dubai. Since there are no natural wood sources in the Middle East, most of the wood must be imported. Very few companies have the right certifications and permits to trade in wood.

Berry Floor a few industrial flooring solutions which are based on wooden materials. Wood is very difficult to maintain, especially in an industrial environment. Chemical spills, moving heavy furniture or objects, temperature changes – these are all factors which might damage wood. Another problem with using wood flooring in industrial areas is the fire hazard they pose.

However, certain wood composite materials are manufactured for industrial requirements. These are usually laminated by special vinyl or polyester layers to make them more resistant to damage. It is also important to note that wooden industrial flooring solutions are almost never hardwood. Teak or Oak wood is very sensitive to temperature changes. However, pine wood composite materials and bamboo flooring are much more resistant to environmental factors.

Linoleum Industrial Flooring Solutions

The most common type of flooring used for industrial premises is linoleum. Berry Floor is one of few specialists in linoleum materials from Dubai. It is a hardy material that is quite resistant to damages, and easy to clean and maintain. The material absorbs impact and reduces a lot of ambient noise. It is also easier to replace sections of damaged linoleum.

Why Linoleum?

Linoleum is a composite material which uses several different natural substances. The primary composition of linoleum is a combination linseed oil and pine rosin. When mixed in the right method, these two materials form a very strong polymer bond. This makes it an excellent choice for industrial flooring solutions. The backing material is usually burlap or canvas, and several types of binders are used according to the purpose.

Linoleum is classified as a form of resilient flooring, which means that it has great tensile strength. The material absorbs a lot of rough use, and yet retains its integrity. Hence, it is often used in areas with a lot of foot-traffic like banks and schools. However, linoleum floors do not need repairs or additional maintenance for years on end! This is one of reasons that it is a popular material for industrial flooring solutions.

Another reason for the popularity of linoleum is that they are not affected by dry and hot environments. Industrial flooring solutions for factories and workshops are not always within an air-conditioned environment. Other floor materials tend to dry and crack in the extremely dry climate in the Middle East. However, linoleum is not much affected by ambient factors. Berry Floor has a wide range of Linoleum materials for you to select from. As manufacturers, they can even custom-design your flooring according to your company colour themes and style.

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