Selecting Flooring for Your Home
How to Select Flooring for Your Home?
2 August
wooden flooring for your Home
Why Wooden Flooring is The Best Flooring Solution for Your House in Dubai?
15 September
Different Types Of Kitchen Flooring

The place in your house with the most amount of traffic is the kitchen, and why not it be? There’s food in there! Its floor undergoes a ridiculous amount of wear and tear. Right from cooking, washing, spilling, dripping, breaking of vessels, storing food items to the maximum hustle of feet, your kitchen flooring goes through a lot. When you are looking for kitchen flooring in Dubai, you have very to be careful about making the correct choice for the area in your house that is most prone to multiple hazards. 

Types of Kitchen Flooring

  • Ceramic tiles are the most allotted home flooring solutions, owing to their unmatched durability and resistance to heat and breakage. They are impermeable to water and stains and require almost no maintenance apart from cleaning. They are also long-lasting which makes them an ideal choice for your kitchen. The only drawback of ceramic tiles is that they can feel hard and cold under your feet.
  • Vinyl tiles and sheets are the customary choices when you have a low budget. Vinyl sheets are stainproof and waterproof, perfect for kitchen floorings. It also feels soft underfoot. 
  • Bamboo flooring is another alternative if you do not want to go for wooden flooring in Dubai. It is more resistant to damage by water and moisture, which makes it more durable than wood. But they can be costlier than hardwood and repairing need professional assistance.
  • The most beneficial thing about linoleum flooring is that it is eco-friendly. In today’s world where more people are going for environment-friendly options, linoleum flooring is a big YES! There is no deaeration of harmful organic gases. It is anti-microbial and has a durable surface. Also, the scratches are less visible. The limitations include permeability to moisture and difficult installation.
  • If you want a classy look for your kitchen then hardwood flooring is what you should resort to. It increases home value and gives a soft and warm feel than a ceramic tile. But it can be a dire choice for the kitchen because of its water susceptibility. The wood can also get expanded because of the heat. While most suppliers of wooden flooring in Dubai claim their products to be water-resistant, it is better to make safe decisions. But if you still want a dead floor, then you can opt for laminate flooring. This flooring comes with a protective layer of synthetic fibers which provide better water and heat resistance than hardwood.
  • Other options for kitchen flooring in Dubai include cork, porcelain stoneware, natural stone tiles, and concrete floors. Natural stone is the most popular of them all due to its long-lasting nature, but it is a porous material that permeates liquid stains. Concrete floors are extremely low-maintenance and creativity-treated.

To Summarize

Home flooring solutions provide you with a number of options to choose from, which can help you in making informed decisions, to balance between function and style, while also being budget-friendly.

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