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Looking for professional wooden flooring company in Dubai? At Al Ameemi –Berrywood we will simplify the selection of wooden flooring for your requirement. Our dedicated professional team will guide and introduce you to the best hardwood flooring in Dubai with elegant designs and décor for your interior spaces. We provide a sophisticated look to your outdoor and indoor Flooring.

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The durable good appearances of hardwood floors fit different needs and budgets in various types and styles. You can't go wrong if you're thinking about placing in wood floors. All kinds of hardwood floors have un-paralleled natural beauty and go with any decoration contemporary, traditional, country, you call it.

Hardwood floors are used in any space, although unique considerations are warranted by kitchens and basements.

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Which one? Unfinished or Finished HARDWOOD FLOORING?

If you want a custom stain applied before final finishing or if you want to correspond to the current flooring, unfinished hardwood floors are a great choice. The flooring has a series of protective finishes following the assembly and staining of hardwood floors.

If you want to add hardwood floors to your kitchen, unfinished floors are a good choice as the finish penetrates and lock the seams between boards to prevent water from being drained between the boards.

Prefinished hardwood floors have been sanded and sealed in the plant, which means the entire assembly work done fast. The finishing process has no smells and VOCs on site and immediately the floor is ready for foot traffic.

Which one? Solid HARDWOOD or Engineered HARDWOOD?

Solid hardwood floors are all wood and have a thickness of 15mmto 19mminches. It can be sanded and refinedmany times because it is strong wood. It is, however, prone to moisture modifications and for lower-grade subfloor is not recommended.

The Engineered hardwood floor is an actual wood veneer that is glued into a number of wood layers, such as plateau. This ensures good stability over time for designed wood and makes it a perfect choice for any zone of your home, including the underground basements. The hardwood floors may only be sanded and finished once or twice in their lifetime, depending on the thickness of the hardwood veneer

The reclamation of hardwood flooring is another alternative, which is found in waste yards. This probably has some indications of wear and age, but for similar new flooring you will pay about half the price. Salvage flooring is a reasonably good preference if you're refurbishing an older house.

What Species Is Best?

The finest hardwood floors are made of easily available and–you imagine–extremely strong timber species. All the excellent options are oak floors, maple floors and cherry floors. Bamboo (which is a kind of grass) ash and Mahogany belong to other species.

For more exotic species like teak, jarrah, and mesquite you'll pay a premium price. Make sure your chosen hardwood flooring comes from forests
harvested on a sustainable basis.

Here are some common species and its characteristics:
  • Red oak - Red oak is the most famous flooring option Reddish with the coarse grain is a dense and stiff wood which does not resist abrasion, but
    white oak.
  • White oak – White-colored oak is brown but may be cast in gray. The grain is more swirling and similar to red oak. It is harder, longer-lasting than
    red oak.
  • Birch - The color of the birch can be from light yellow to dark brownish-purple. It's softer than red oak, but a powerful wood is still present.
  • Beech – The beech has an extremely consistent reddish-brown color. It is very long-lasting and shock-proof.
  • Pine - A yellowish-brown pine that contains many knots and swirls. It is natural to insect-resistant and hardy as red oak.
  • Cherry – It's light brown, Cherry wood. Cherry is often not used for the entire floor because it is a smooth wood. It produces a good decorative or accentuating wood instead.
  • Douglas fir - This wood is about half as smooth as the red oak and can dent readily. It is only suited for certain flooring circumstances. Douglas fir is a yellowish tan.

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