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Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing hardwood flooring in Dubai by yourself is not easy as it seems to be. There are certain important things to be mindful of when installing hardwood flooring Here are some of the important measures to keep in mind if you are planning to install hardwood flooring in your home.

Examine Your Subfloor

A leveled subfloor is very important before installing hardwood flooring in Dubai. If your subfloor is in poor condition, installing hardwood flooring won’t do any good for your floor. Different ways by which you can level your subfloor include planning the joists or installing an additional layer of plywood with an appropriate filler. This will create uniformity. If the plywood is not anchored down properly, fixing it with some screws can help.

Acclimate The Wood

It is very important that the wooden flooring in Dubai that you select, can be readjusted. Wood can easily absorb moisture and increase in size, and it can also shrink when there is less humidity. Hence, ensure that it can acclimate in the space in which you have installed it. To avoid any gaps being formed in winter due to drying and contraction, open and spread out the boxes for about a week and ensure that the temperature conditions are moderate. This will enable the planks from acclimatizing. 

Ensure That The First Row Is Straight

If the first row of your installation is crooked then it will result in large curves as you proceed. The first row must be straight as it forms the base of the installation. If your exterior walls are not square, consider marking a parallel line to an inside wall, opposite to your starting position. Mark the location of the joints and ensure that you drive a fastener before you install the hardwood perpendicular. This will give your hardwood flooring in Dubai a proper finish.

Glue The Boards

In case your flooring nailer is not fitting when laying the last board, you need to top nail or face nail these boards. Apply wood glue to the groove of the previous board. Hold the finish nailer with force to prevent jumping.

Make Use Of The Correct Tools

If you are buying or renting the tools for installing wooden flooring in Dubai, make sure that they are in proper condition. This will make your work a lot easier. Some of the tools that will be needed include a table saw, miter saw, finish nailer, saw, cleat-nailer or stapler, and compressor. 

To Conclude

There are many options to select from hardwood floorings. The correct measures and methods will help you to easily install your flooring in Dubai and help in giving it a professional finish. It is advisable to use a professional to install hardwood flooring in your home. This will ensure that the installation is done right the first time around. 

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