Which Direction Should You Run Your Wooden Flooring?
Which Direction Should You Run Your Wooden Flooring?
29 November
Popular Styles of Wood Flooring in Dubai
Popular Styles of Wood Flooring in Dubai
20 February

Changing a house’s flooring is one of the easiest ways to increase the value. Design trends are constantly evolving, but it can never go wrong with a solid hardwood floor. Luckily, installing solid hardwood floors is not a difficult task as long as one has the right tools, knowledge, and patience.

Use wooden floor carefully

 There are several types of hardwood floors, and one has to choose the best one. Throughout Dubai, wood flooring comes in a variety of grain patterns, grades of wood, panel sizes, and surface finishes. If he has underfloor heating or decides to float his floor over an underfloor, one will need to choose an engineered hardwood. 

Make sure there is the right equipment.

It is always best to have the right equipment at the start of any task. When designing a hardwood floor or fitter, think about what one might need to improve. One may need to underlay if he is thinking about floating his board. If the flooring is tongue and groove, then it is likely that WPVA glue is required for the joints. What if there’s a need for glue or nails when the board is fastened? 

Read the instructions completely

 For reading and understanding them, it is extremely important to match the wood floor with the hardwood flooring. To get a room ready to suit the house, we cover everything you need to know. Fill the floor with any finishing touches

Complete the installation of wood flooring in Dubai

 To add the finishing touches to the room, you will definitely need some flooring accessories. As mentioned above, you’ll have gaps in expansion around the edge of your space. These can be easily covered with a range of flooring accessories such as skirting board, quarter-round beading, door bars, ramps, and pipe coverings.

Acclimate your wood floor 

As soon as hardwood floors are delivered to the house, it is important to allow proper acclimatization. Acclimatizing allows the flooring to be adjusted to its new environment. Hardwood is a natural product, and with increased heat and humidity, it will naturally expand and contract. The risk of harm is reduced when designed to the wood by enabling one to acclimatize hardwood floors for his home.

Prepare your subfloor for reinstallation

 Before shipment, preparing the subfloor properly is very necessary. If it is not done properly, the flooring may be affected. To check if the subfloor is smooth, transparent, clean and dry, the most important things.

Leave an expansion gap

 When constructing any kind of wooden flooring in Dubai, the expansion gap must be situated to the left. The distance should stretch around the house’s edge, including through doorways, fireplaces, and pipework. The gap in an expansion must be a minimum of 10 mm. This is because there is room for hardwood flooring to expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes. If one has no expansion space and can be easily damaged, the flooring will have no room for expansion.

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