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Choosing the right flooring for your home or office requires consideration of color, style, mood, durability, quality and price. At Al Ameemi-Berrywood, our knowledgeable staff and wide selection of products provides you with possibilities to fit your needs, desires and price range. Carpet is kind of its own niche. Carpets are easy and quick to install. They only need a considerable scope of effort and fashionable creativity to use for flooring surfaces or wall-to-wall designs. When the right quality of rug is chosen, it has excellent wear property that will able to serve you for many more years to come. So, why would you like to consider carpet covering again despite the price?



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Reasons to Love Carpet Coverings

Versatility and Aesthetics

Carpet Rugs of high textures and vibrant colors are often displayed as decorative statements. It provides every space with a sense of luxury!


Carpets have extraordinary cushioning characteristics it minimizes slips and accidents in case of downfall. They are not only suitable for children who need protection, but also for the elderly.

Noise Reduction and Insulation

Better quality carpets help absorb sound vibrations and reduce the transmission of noise in rooms. They perfectly function as sound barriers between floors. Insulation, on the other side, is the logical reason for considering carpet coverings. They are warm and can insulate the room from intense heat and coldness.

Simple Maintenance

Regardless of how people clean their floors, fluffs and tumbleweeds roll around on the surface can easily be noticed. All these dirt particles can be removed easily with routine vacuum cleaning.

Easier to maintain

Carpeting is less complicated and less expensive to wash and retain than hard surface flooring and because of this maintenance is at fewer costs, as stated.


New techniques have been designed and implemented which allow Old used carpets to be recycled into fresh carpet materials or other products thereby eliminating the need to acquire raw materials.


Here are three different types of carpets-differentiated by their construction and core features.


  • Broadloom, also known as wall-to-wall carpet is a traditional carpet flooring alternative. It comes in large rolls, and (if you have a wide commercial space) your room is carpeted with one continuous piece of carpet, cut to size.


Carpet Tiles are much simpler to install than broad looms: they can be easier to work on with their smaller size and generate much less waste when installing. Carpet tiles are traditionally distributed as squares, but rectangular planks becoming introduced and widely available, allowing subtle patterns through various installation layouts.
  • Hard-Backed Carpet Tile
    There are two leading types of commercial carpet tile: hard-backed tiles and cushion-backed tiles. Even if two tiles use the same fiber and building techniques on the face of a tile, various support kinds will significantly change the way the tiles work throughout the life cycle. With hardback tiles, the carpet fibers absorb the effect of foot traffic, rolling traffic and furniture. This implies that all fibers are wearable and can result in a comparatively quick deterioration of the appearance of the tiles.
  • Cushion-Backed Carpet Tile
    On the other hand, cushioned backing carpet tile absorbs some of the impacts of foot traffic, reduces its effect on carpet fibers and protects the fibers from daily wear and tear.


  • Whereas entrance mats only cover relatively small space of your commercial space, however, they are vital to ensure the longevity of other related floor covering inside the building. The best entryway products combine ‘scraper’ mats and absorbent textile products, to remove dirt from your shoes as you enter the building, likewise to absorb excess moisture.
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