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15 April
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Best Home Flooring Tips for Small Rooms to Look Bigger & Beautiful

If your home has smaller, and trickier rooms that seem difficult to design, smart planning can help you achieve the stunning that you wish for. Everything from material choices to floor colors plays an important role. There are many options of flooring in Dubai that you can choose from. We have listed down four of the most valuable flooring tips for small rooms to maximize the square footage of the rooms.

Large Planks And Tile

Using larger planks and tiles will reduce the seams, thus contributing to an uncluttered visual, larger stone, as well as longer tile sizes. Longer, wider, laminate, luxury vinyl planks and wooden flooring in Dubai will make the room feel more luxurious and also reflect more natural light, decrease the number of lines in the floor as well as give smaller rooms an airy feel. 

Color Choices

Light color floorings, which are offered by many wooden flooring companies in Dubai, will help in creating the illusion of open space. Colors like cream, white, light gray, blonde, light brown, and greige will work very well. You also have the option of painting the walls with a complementary shade for a low-contrast combination. This helps in eliminating the horizon line and creating an expansive ambiance. Make sure that you keep your flooring finishes simple and warm with a subtle or matte texture. 

Installation Ideas

Use wider, longer planks in your smaller rooms and find planks with a long enough length to match the full length or width of your room. You can also use shorter planks of wooden flooring in Dubai for creating the illusion that a finished floor is larger than it really is. If you want to grow the visual space, run the planks parallel to the longest wall. 

Irregular floorplans

Irregular dimensions make the flooring decisions seem more complicated. You can use an engineered hardwood product that will be easier to cut and fit an odd-shaped smaller space to give the floor a genuine longer, wider wood planks to open a room. Luxury vinyl options of flooring in Dubai offer tremendous dimension stability and floating floor capability for easier installation without removing your old flooring. There are several modern products available that have the versatility to help you transform your smaller rooms.

To Conclude

Considering these options can be really worthwhile to help you achieve the look you want for your rooms. You can check out the various home flooring solutions and explore the amazing options that you have.

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