Best Home Flooring Tips for Small Rooms to Look Bigger & Beautiful
Best Home Flooring Tips for Small Rooms to Look Bigger & Beautiful
16 April
5 Economic Options for Your Home Flooring
5 Economic Options for Your Home Flooring
13 May
Why is Timber Decking The Best Choice for Hot Tubs

In these ongoing tedious times, one does need a stressbuster. To be honest, nothing can be more relaxing than sitting in a hot tub of water. In addition, enjoying the benefit of a hot tub at home is true bliss. But with a hot tub at home, one often has to give a thought to flooring Dubai their hot tub. For most householders, timber flooring in Dubai is the best. Before you go with the norm and contact the best wooden flooring companies in Dubai, scroll down and find out why you should opt for timber decking:

  • No separate construction is required

Taking into account that hot tubs carry a weight of their own, timber decking stands out as the best option since it isn’t bulky. In addition to that, the deck can be sunk into wooden flooring in Dubai,  giving you the privilege of sitting straight in the hot tub for a considerable time. Apart from that, you can go for deck steps that can guide people to the water. 

  • 100% safety guarantee

We all have slipped at least once in our bathrooms. It’s all thanks to the dripping water as well as the slippery tiles. And let’s not forget how slippery and potentially dangerous a hot tub can get in the dewy winters. But with timber decking non-slippery products, safety is not a matter of concern. You can get in and out of the tub and walk across the deck carefree. Go for timber non-slippery products to ensure the safety of your near and dear ones whilst they enjoy themselves in the hot tubs.

  • Hot tubs are friends with bare-feet

You can easily walk across timber decking with bare feet. That’s because the surface of the deck is non-slippery and friendly for bare feet. The timber boards are tested across numerous households, lodges, inns, and tourist spots. Tourist companies and swimming resorts prefer timber decking for places where the swimmers or clients move towards the changing rooms, spilling droplets of water all the way. 

  • Classification as per the treatment

It’s not just the setting up of a hot tub and a timber deck that sounds fine, the maintenance and associated treatment too is pretty clear. If treated with UC3, your home sweet home’s timber decking will last for a long time. For commercial usage which is done at holiday sites and other wooden flooring companies in Dubai that believe in investing exorbitantly in decks and lodges, they can opt for UC4 or the best SS4. In these treatments, treatment is provided with an increase in the percentage of certain strong preservatives. 

If commercial spots don’t opt for a better treatment process and stick to UC3, then there is a high tendency for deterioration of the life span of your wood decking Dubai since it is constantly being exposed to water and doesn’t remain dry at all. And how quickly we forget that wooden flooring in Dubai is an excellent absorber of moisture. Going for a higher treatment level such as UC4 or even better SS4 which is capable of bestowing your wood decking Dubai with longevity and will maximize the service benefits. Pay a visit to Berry Floor UAE today.

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