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15 February

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Your Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom might be the smallest room in the home, and it usually has an appealing impact by mere changes here and there the entire outlook […]
15 January
5 Beautiful & Elegant Parquet Flooring Designs

5 Beautiful & Elegant Parquet Flooring Designs for You

Parquet flooring resembles timeless beauty, and it evokes a warm feeling and adds character to your space. Back in the 1960’s parquet flooring had gained popularity […]
13 January
Maintain Wooden Flooring

How to Maintain Your Wooden Flooring Easily?

Wooden flooring brings aesthetic pleasure to the eyes. It takes you centuries back to the classic architectural styles. It’s sustainable, durable, and elevates the look.Many wooden […]
14 December
Tips for Selecting your Home Flooring

Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Your Home Flooring

Picking the right type of flooring for your home can be a big decision to make. The floor that you choose needs to have a proper […]
7 December
Hardwood Flooring

Reasons for Choosing White Oak Flooring for Hardwoods

White oak flooring for hardwoods is becoming extremely popular, given its elegant and overwhelming look. If you are planning on installing or refinishing your hardwood flooring […]
11 November
Laminate Floors

Common Misconceptions About Laminate Floors

There are numerous ways to give your house a classy and sophisticated look. And choosing the correct type of flooring is one of them. Although laminate […]
10 November
Hardwood Flooring Installation

Things to Keep in Mind While Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing hardwood flooring in Dubai by yourself is not easy as it seems to be. There are certain important things to be mindful of when installing […]
14 October
Home Flooring Solution

Why We Choose Hardwood Flooring for New Floor?

With so many options of flooring in Dubai, homeowners are left confused about choosing the best one for their home, which is both durable and trendy. […]
11 October
Hard Wood Decking

How Wooden Decking Width Affects Your Garden Design?

The garden is probably the most beautiful area of the house. If you are a plant person, the garden may be your most peaceful place to […]
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