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Hardwood Flooring

White oak flooring for hardwoods is becoming extremely popular, given its elegant and overwhelming look. If you are planning on installing or refinishing your hardwood flooring in Dubai then you should definitely consider white oak flooring. Choosing the correct stains and finishes can work wonders to give your house a sophisticated look. 

Why Should You Go For White Oak?

Apart from the incredible appearance and the feel that it gives your home, there are several other benefits that a white oak wooden flooring in Dubai can offer you. One of these reasons is that white oak easily soaks up the correct stains without creating weird undertones. It is harder than other kinds of hardwood, which means that it is more durable.

There are certain advantages of white oak flooring over red oak wooden flooring. For instance, white oak can take certain stains better than red oak. Giving a natural look for a red oak flooring in Dubai is quite a struggle, unlike white oak which gives a natural appearance with minimum effort. Also, a white-washed look is hard to pull off with red oak flooring.

One can also opt for engineered white oak hardwood flooring in Dubai, which could be a less expensive option. Engineered hardwood options are pretty amazing and are used in high-end homes. Engineered hardwoods are extremely tough and can be resistant to abrasion and are extra resistant towards moisture. It also costs far less and is an environment-friendly alternative.

Another advantage of engineered hardwoods flooring in Dubai is that they are strong and resistant to buckling and they don’t warp. However, you cannot sand down or re-stain engineered hardwood the way you can do it for solid hardwoods. But they can be sanded down depending upon their thickness. 

To Sum Up

If you are thinking of installing white oak hardwood wooden flooring in Dubai, pay close attention to the installer that you choose. Opt for an experienced professional, who can understand your vision and work to bring it to reality. Make sure that you share a lot of pictures and personally watch the stain go on.

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