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Thinking about floors isn’t something that people normally does unless they’re in the middle of a renovation. When it comes to businesses and industries, however, this issue is literally the foundation that their entire operation rests upon. Not having suitable materials can create a whole host of issues that can cost money down the line, or create an unsafe situation for workers. In the airline industry, for instance, not having the right resistant flooring can make oil spills difficult to clean, or it can allow certain maintenance chemicals to actually eat through the floor. Knowing the right materials that can keep your business running at its peak proficiency is what you are looking for in a professional company that provides flooring solutions.

Floor safety

If safety measures are not implemented, floorings can be a source of slips, falls, and other related accidents. Such accidents can make worker unproductive and accrue medical bills for the facility. Industrial floor coatings maintain good surface conditions for as long as possible, thereby avoiding safety problems and potential accidents.

To prevent accidents, there are many flooring solutions that a facility manager can choose from

  • Non-slip industrial flooring solutions that provide traction and keep the floorings from being slippery.
  • Mats in a variety of functions — anti-slip entrance mats, rubber mats, and even anti-fatigue mats for worker safety.
  • Patches and seals that repair damaged floors.
  • Markers that aid workers to be careful near problem areas, serving as warning signs, safety cones, and traffic directions.

Floor Aesthetics

Home flooring solutions bring beauty to utilitarian areas. Good aesthetics enhance the appeal of any room and present a good image of the facility. It can uplift the workers’ spirits and also drive productivity even on shop floors. Industrial coatings can bring a clean and polished look to surfaces while protecting and repairing any sustained damages. Most flooring solutions are water-based epoxies that provide long-lasting performance and enhance the look of ordinary factory decks, storage areas, and warehouses. Because they come in many colors and thickness formulations, industrial floor coatings can cater to almost all kinds of facility requirements.

Floor Cleanliness

Facility floorings last much longer and in good condition when regular cleaning is done on them, preventing dirt and stains from doing more serious harm, such as lodging on surface cracks and providing opportunities for disease-carrying bacteria to grow. Chemical and toxic spills that often occur in manufacturing shop floors can lead to safety risks. When cleanliness is a major priority, epoxy resins-based industrial floor coatings are the popular choice. They are highly resistant to stains and dirt, promoting good hygiene by keeping surfaces clean for longer periods of time. These coatings make the areas easy to clean and help in maintenance.

Floor Maintenance  

Maintenance work keeps the surfaces in good condition and repairs any cracks and damages sustained from daily operations. During maintenance, the surface areas get a thorough cleaning and washing. This is also the time when industrial floor coatings are re-applied when needed. With lesser maintenance, the costs of cleaning, repair or replacement are cut down to a minimum. When applying industrial floor coatings during maintenance, the room’s function dictates the type of coatings applied. In food processing areas, anti-bacterial coatings are appropriate, while in laboratory floors chemical-resistant coatings may be the right choice. Dubai Flooring also offers a wide variety of flooring collections, you can also use that.

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